NTL to offer web based HD?

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Ntl NTL has been offering a few more snippets about its upcoming HD service. The cable company won't say when its HD service will arrive but has hinted that it may offer a service via IPTV (through the web) rather than through its traditional cable. Bill Goodland, NTL’s director of internet said yesterday that ‘the company was looking at both options and that it expected that small percentage of its customers would soon be watching HD programmes on their PC via their internet connections.’ NTL has pledged to increase the speed of all its broadband connections to 10 Meg by the end of next year. To stream HDTV users probably require speeds of at least 8 Meg. The company said it also hasn’t decided which video compression format to back. It said that while it was looking at MPEG4, which Sky will use for its service, higher quality MPEG2 remains a very real option. If it does it is feasible that the company could bill its HD services as higher definition HD. Yesterday the company displayed a 1080i high definition footage which was being streamed at speeds of 18 Meg. NTL hopes to launch 20 plus Meg services within the next few years.

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