Apple goes High Def

Quicktime_logoIt was a big day yesterday. England won a World Cup game, the Wallace and Gromit film got its premiere and, oh yeah, some Californian company called Apple unveiled a slew of new products. Well you have probably read about the new iPod and iMacs elsewhere but apparently the big story for HD fans is that the company also placed no fewer than 24 HD movie trailers on its QuickTime site.

There are also some shorts too including a doc or two from the BBC. You need to add QuickTime 7 (it’s a free download) if you haven't got it already and the footage will probably take an age to load before you get to see it as the file size of the 720p is a stonking 45MB. You’ll also need a G5 or a similarly powerful Windows pc to view the footage. Check here for the recommendations. Anyhow if your computer fits the bill give it a go as the image quality really is quite startling.

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