Sharp and Philips offer 1080p LCD


Sharp_lc45gd6ua We have heard of 1080p replay – the ultimate HD signal format for now anyway – in projectors from Sony, Samsung and others, but so far very makers have promised flat screen set capable of portraying the even higher defection images. The first 1080p sets are now beginning to trickle on the market from the likes of Philips, with its £2900 37PF9830 PIXEL PLUS LCD set and Sharp with the £3000 LC-45GD6U 45inch Aquos LCD set.

As you may know 1080p delivers 1920x1080 pixels sent at 50 complete frames per second - not 25 interlaced frames as is used by 1080i (the standard to be used by Sky). It not only offers clearer, higher resolution images but progressive scan ensures a more steady image and counters some of that flat screen flare when the sets deal with fast moving  objects.

There is however very little high definition footage in 1080p around – there is precious little HD in the UK anyhow - though there is a DVD player, the Marantz DV9600, which upscales footage to the higher res format.

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