Sky's push video-on-demand service


Sky_logo One last snippet to come from today’s demo is that the new HD Sky+ box will have dedicated storage for what Sky calls a ‘push video-on-demand service.’ Apparently existing Sky+ boxes have this, but so far Sky hasn’t put it to use. The theory is that while you are sleeping Sky could automatically record one of its pay movie HD films on your hard drive. Then if you do decide to view it, and pay a few quid for the privilege, you only have to press play rather than go through an ordering process.

Sky's Director of Customer Products and Services, Brian Sullivan also added that he thought it might be used to push popular programmes to a hard drive. So for example you might not need to even put Little Britain on series link, it will be automatically be pushed to your hard drive. It’s an intriguing technology and it’ll be fascinating to see what Sky does with it, and how consumers react to having extra programmes arrive on their hard disk.

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