Sony PS3 pricey because of HD


Sony_ps3_1 So your Sony PS3 is going to be pricey not because of its superb gaming facilities, but because it is basically a subsidized Blu-ray player that will allow Sony to take the lead in HD. That appears to be what the company CEO Howard Stringer is saying.

Games Digest reports that Sony's head talked to the Hollywood Reporter about the PS3 stressing its importance as driving adoption of high-resolution HDTV gadgets. Stringer spoke of a "high-definition value chain that starts with cameras and goes through projectors and television sets and ends up with the PS3."

The Hollywood Reporter piece puts forward a potential release date of Christmas 2006 for the PS3 in the US and quotes an unnamed source inside Sony as putting initial costs on the PS3 as at $300 to $400, a loss on each player for Sony, but "PS3 is a subsidised Blu-Ray player that will sell 20 million units. The first HD player will be on the market for $1,000."

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