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Chelsea_v_charlton On Sunday Sky  let a few choice journalists behind the scenes to see how it is shooting Premiership football in high def. Alas I couldn’t make the Chelsea Vs Charlton game for religious reasons (I have taken a solemn vow never to enter Stamford Bridge) but Spurs fan Jonathan Weinberg from The Sun put his footballing prejudices on hold and made the trek. And according to the piece it was a real result and not just seeing Chelsea drop a couple of points either.

Well I know the cynics among you are thinking, err Murdoch paper and Murdoch TV network, but trust me Jonathan is spot on - football really is amazing in high definition. I saw the Champions League final in high def and while I enjoy a nature programme as much as the next bloke the footy will be the main reason why I go high definition from day one. The pictures are amazing from the detail of the players' faces right through to the amazingly rich colours of the crowd. I can’t believe that every Dixons in the country isn’t demoing football in HD in its stores already.

Anyhow Sky has been giving a few more details about how it will capture football in HD.

As Jonathan points out

'Moving to high definition represents a huge investment by Sky. To cover Premiership matches alone it has five new outside broadcast trucks each kitted out with £3.5million of state-of-the-art technology. There are up to 28 brand-new HD cameras positioned around the pitch, each capable of capturing every inch of the action in ultra high quality. The atmosphere too will be recreated with Sky recording the games in Dolby 5.1 surround sound for the first time. Through 12 powerful microphones, every cheer, jeer and chant from the terraces can be picked up, and then edited to ensure any colourful language from the fans is removed.'

You can read the full feature in The Sun's Gizmo section here.

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