Is a Freeview for HD on its way?


Pace_free_hd_receiver The arrival of free to air satellite systems in the UK High Street from Humax and possibly Pace means that there potentially is a infrastructure for a free to air HD system to develop in the UK.

The BBC has made no secret of its HD intentions and the latest goss that we have is that it will screen the World Cup for free on a HD channels available via the Astra satellites which will be viewable on Sky systems as well as any free to air boxes. The only downside is that the games are likely to be time delayed rather than live.

Other broadcasters like Channel Four, which has a wealth of HD material like Desperate Housewives and Lost, are also mulling over their HD options, and were C4 to join with the BBC, Euro 1080 and maybe even a few other companies, Sky might find that it is having to deal with a growing free to air HD alternative to its services.

In the long run it could potentially develop into HD equivalent of Freeview with viewers just paying a one off fee for the box and dish. Bizarrely Sky might even get behind it offering viewers a free-to-air receiver compatible with its HD services which it would then use to tempt the HD freebie mob into upgrading or paying for sports events or movies.

We are guessing now, but surely Humax wouldn't bother launching a free to air HD receiver unless it was convinced that viewers would have something interesting to watch on it.

What do you think? Would you take up a free to air alternative to Sky?

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