Sky HD clips live on the web


And about time too... Sky has done the decent thing and given all us HDTV-obsessed web surfers a very brief taster of what it is planning for March, or is it April? Skip over to its HDTV website, click on 'more to explore' and you’ll find four snippets of HDTV content which, provided you have a high spec computer and a decent screen, will give you a fair insight as to how HDTV will look when it launches.

The four videos, two rugby clips and a couple from the National Geographic HD channel, are delivered in glorious 1080i and were obviously chosen for their rich detail. Each file is about 50MB and took my 8MB connection a couple of minutes to download. You need Windows Media Player 10 to play them.

Last week I took delivery of Philips HD-friendly Media Centre the MCP9350I/05 so later on today I’ll whack the files onto its hard disk and play them back through my Philips 37PF9830 TV. Let’s hope this is just the beginning. There's precious little legit HD content on the web and Sky would be a great source of footage. How about some football?

Btw what does anyone else think? Have the files been easy to download and play?

Cheers to Josh for the tip.

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