A few more thoughts about the Sky HD box


1 It looks good, it really does. Very sleek and sexy

2 Accessing the HD channels is a pain - There's a red button on the remote that takes you directly to the HD channels. You can then choose what you want to watch and then click on it. However there's no quick way of returning from that channel to the other HD ones. If you click on the menu button you go back to the main channel menu. The only solution I found was to put all the HD channels in the Favourite Channel section. Sky needs to sort this.

3 It is worth experimenting with the 720p/1080i setting - as far as I can work out almost all Sky's HD content is going to be broadcast in 1080i. However the box gives you the option of altering the resolution setting so you can have either 1080i or 720p. If you go for the latter there is a small trade off in terms of resolution but it generally does deliver a smoother picture.

4 Sky really hasn't made that many changes. The remote is almost identical and the interface is the same as previous Sky+ boxes.

5 The box has component outputs. Apparently there are some HDMI HD-ready sets that it doesn't work with and for these TVs the installer will go component.

Over to you... Anyone else got any opinions?

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