Apple seeks Blu-ray iPod support

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Ipodvideo Last week it was revealed that Steve Jobs is trying to convince studios to include iPod compatible content on Blu-ray format movie discs. This is intriguing news and especially important for Sony, especially with fresh doubts growing as a result of Blu-ray’s late entrance to the High Def market. Apple has kept itself pretty quiet since its joining the Blu-ray camp in March of 2005, but its huge influence and strong allegiances with both Sony and Disney studios could be just enough to tip the scale back into Blu-ray’s favour.

This development could be subtly hinting at the new, much anticipated iPod (assuming it does actually exist) – presumably it is one sporting an even bigger screen for better movie playback. I am also interested to see how Apple sees the content being transferred to the iPod if it doesn’t rely on having computers – most notably Macs – with BD drives...

via CNN

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