BBC HD London trials hacked


BbcWe had heard it was possible, and quite easy, for people with the right sort of PC TV tuner and software to crack the BBC's high-definition trial broadcasts, and a recent article confirms that it's happened.

An 'audio-visual expert' (Martin Pipe) hacked the signal, apparently from well outside the London trial area. There were some problems with the sound and picture quality he received, though he said what he saw was an 'eye opener'. He doesn't say why, but I guess that's because he wants you to buy the next issue of What Video and high definition TV magazine, where a complete article will appear. Spoilsport...

OK, we know it's not exactly ground-breaking stuff - I expect there'll be comments of all manner of people who have 'hacked' the signals. I didn't try the hack myself, though I have a USB digital TV tuner for my Mac so I may have been able to find the signal.


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