Documentaries in HD - why are they all about animals eating each other?


Nat_geo I must admit that I am not a huge watcher of nature documentaries, and sampling the HD delights of National Geographic and Discovery has reminded me why. It seems that all the programme makers want to show is animals killing and eating each other.

So far this afternoon I have seen Crocodiles chomping on Gazelles, wild dogs chasing small deer, Sharks hoovering up everything on the ocean floor and even a Sea Snail tucking into a Starfish.

If all that sounds like appetising viewing  - you are going to love HD. As for me thanks goodness that Discovery HD is now showing a doc about the Bay Bridge in San Fran. The girders look great.

** Having said all that there are some Elephants on National Geographic and the picture quality is amazing - as good as anything else I have seen all day with the possible exception of the BeeB's Planet Earth.

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