Lost and Desperate Housewives in HD in UK on Telewest / NTL very soon

Desperatehousewives_003 I am sure if you quizzed US HD fans as to what are the key series in high definition very high on the list would be Lost and Desperate Housewives. Well the extremely good news is that they are coming to the UK soon on demand and in glorious high def.

Yep we can reveal that both series will be available in high def on demand via Telewest/NTL in the very near future. As you may have already read the cable network recently inked a deal with Channel Four to show the two programmes on demand via its digital on demand service.

This is huge news for Telewest/NTL and Channel Four as it marks the first time that a big US network (BVITV) has agreed a deal to show its flagship programmes on demand in Europe. Episodes of Lost series one will be available for 99p a hit from April 27th. They will also be available on Channel Four’s website. Episodes of Lost series two will be available fourteen days after their Channel Four showing. Desperate Housewives series one and two will follow in May.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet whether the initial transmissions will be in HD – at this point seems unlikely. But Telewest/NTL has secured the HD rights and our mole at the company said that HD versions of the two hit programmes would be on demand sooner rather than later. Telewest/NTL certainly needs to ramp up its HD output. After a promising start the amount of HD material available via its service is limited.

It will be interesting to see what Sky does now. Surely a deal to offer a HD version of Channel Four’s big US hit series has to be a top priority.

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