New for old: UK's oldest working TV wins 50-inch plasma HDTV, the UK's online retailer, has gone all nostalgic and is looking for Britain's oldest working television.

The person who submits the oldest working TV will win a new 50-inch HD-ready plasma TV (pictured with the lovely people over at BFZ)

Quite apart from the fact that everyone loves a competition, it aims to raise awareness of the big switchoff - UK's analogue TV signal switchoff.

Lee Beynon, currently operations director at, previously worked as a project manager on the first UK digital switchover trial in 2005. He commented:  “It is clear from the news recently that there could be a cost implication for many people involved in the changeover. wants to raise the awareness of this issue and also take a nostalgic look at how televisions have developed over the years.”

The first switch over in transmission took place in Carmarthenshire and Lee Beynon saw first hand the issues involved for many people in the region, of moving to a digitally compatible television. This has driven the need to raise the awareness of the impact that this move will have on the population.

Unfortunately, Matt "Digit Al" Lucas was unavailable for comment.


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