Toshiba RD-A1 combines hard disk, HD DVD and standard DVD recorders


Toshibarda1Toshiba are about to release the world's first combined digital hard drive recorder and HD DVD recorder, the  RD-A1.

It features a 1 Terabyte capacity hard drive capable of recording up to 130 hours of high-def content, plus a recordable HD DVD drive that can read and write both HD and standard DVD media, allowing for backwards compatibility with existing discs, and able to store nearly 4 hours of high=def content on a dual-layer 30Gb HD DVD.

All content can be output in full 1080p HD, including standard DVD content which is upconverted. It also provides a simplified method for transferring existing DVDs to HD DVD.

Toshiba have enhanced their "RD Engine HD" system which provides a graphic user interface with letter-box display compatibility, and proprietary multi-function recording software. It allows viewers to edit recorded high-definition programs on a frame basis, and transfer the edited video to an HD DVD disc. A useful function is high-speed write of DVD video sources to hard disks and high speed dubbing of that video to an HD DVD-R, allowing viewers to combine programs from multiple discs on a single disc without any loss of quality.

It's being released in Japan next month but no news at present of when it will be available in Europe, or at what price.

See the full release and specifications.

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