Logitec produce first Mac OS X compatible Blu-ray drive


Logitec (not Logitech) has unveiled its first Blu-ray drive that is compatible with Mac OS X.

Their LBD-A2FU2/LBD-A2U2 drives, made by Panasonic, will read and record both single and dual-layer Blu-ray discs at 2x speed, as well as handling ordinary DVDs at 8x speed.

The LBD-A2FU2 connects via FireWire and USB 2.0; the LBD-A2U2 has just USB 2.0. It will also work with Windows, but the main issue was that no previous drives (scarce though they are anyway) would work natively with Mac OS X. Now we have a Blu-ray disc - mildly ironic given that Apple seems to be sitting in the Blu-ray camp at present.

Sounds like it's currently only available in Japan, though.

As with PCs, you're going to need a beefy Mac to handle any video content served up through the new drive.

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