More HDTV consumer confusion: Sony and Panasonic want to help

We've reported before about consumer confusion over HDTV, so it's not a huge surprise that it's still happening.

At the fourth annual DisplaySearch HDTV Conference, the consumer electronics executives of Panasonic and Sony said they'd like to help ease this confusion, stressing the importance of educating customers and retailers about high-definition content.

In a great (but not confidence-inspiring) quote, Stan Glasgow (Sony Electronics President) said "Some of us have confused ourselves as to what's going on. You can imagine how consumers are feeling."


He quoted from a recent Consumer Electronics Association study that suggests consumers will give up on a complicated product after 20 minutes, and simply return it. Panasonic's Paul Liao said of consumers: "[they] really do need a lot of help." Thanks, Paul.

Both companies are pushing for greater customer satisfaction through extended website and telephone help, in a bid to reduce the amount of equipment returned and minimise the misinformation surrounding HD.

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