Ofcom reveal plans for terrestrial HDTV

It's been a fractious few months, but UK broadcasting regulator Ofcom has finally revealed its plans for terrestrial HDTV services delivered through an aerial.

Apparently, Ofcom has said that it's possible to support four high-definition channels on the existing digital terrestrial television (DTT) network. Ofcom is expected to enforce a reshuffling of the DTT capacity with a partial move to MPEG-4 and/or DVB-T2 video compression for the new services.

These plans won't please members of the HD For All campaign, which include public broadcasters and consumer electronics companies. They were hoping to free up parts of the spectrum currently being used for analogue TV, which be freed once the digital switchover is complete in 2012, to deliver HDTV through Freeview.

Instead, the old analogue spectrum will probably be auctioned to mobile phone networks so they can deliver mobile TV, faster Internet connections and new features.

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