High-def online is the next phase in Internet video evolution, apparently

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It all sounds very nice in principle. Founder and CEO of Swarmcast, Justin Chapweske, a company which has recently been awarded a patent for algorithms which allow large volumes of data to be mass distributed, has stated that high definition video is part of the next phase of Internet video evolution.

He'll speak at next month's iTV Internet Video Conference and Expo, and demonstrate that "enhancing video quality is now not only possible but simple – thanks to a new generation of backend technologies that are easy to deploy and use."

Of the new technology, he said, ”File swarming provides the ability to harness unused network capacity by distributing and exchanging small pieces of data between servers, network routers or personal computers."

Great concept, but high definition video still has to be squeezed down broadband pipes, and at present, most people are on painfully slow connections.

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