Toshiba claims thinnest LCD TV - for now - 23mm

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toshiba_thin_lcd_hdtv.jpgIn the world of high definition televisions, it's not just how big the TV is that counts, it seems, but how thin it is.

Two months ago, it was Sharp boasting thin screens, with a prototype LCD TV just 20mm thin (29mm at its thickest part).

However, Toshiba are now claiming the thinnest production LCD TV. The 40-inch 40XF355D is 23mm thick (that's under an inch), yet is no pushover when it comes to features. Update: apparently, it's the width of the surrounding frame that's 23mm, not the overall width of the screen. Looks like Hitachi could lay claim to the thinnest LCD TVs yet, instead.

It's full 1080p HD, has three HDMI inputs, 10-bit colour processing, an Onkyo speaker system, and "Exact Scan" mode allowing a 1080i signal to be processed by the TV in its original format.

The set isn't yet is available in the UK, priced just shy of £1,700.

(Via HDTV News)

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