KEF unveils new Instant Theatre high-def sound systems

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KEF has unveiled its Instant Theatre range of audio and speaker systems, offering high definition sound and utilising some of the latest technology.

There are ten different systems on offer, from virtual surround sound systems to full 5.1 channel systems. Expect to spend at least £1,000 on one of these systems. All feature the two or five main loudspeakers, high performance subwoofer with integral power amplifier, and matching compact DVD/CD player with HDMI.

The kit120 offers full surround sound from just two speakers, utilising vertical NXT radiators to generate rear and centre channels, and using KEF’s wide dispersion Uni-Q driver. Priced at £1,199.99.

The kit140 speakers feature seven drivers each, and include KEF’s signature Uni-Q ‘point source’ arrays, for full-bodied virtual surround sound throughout the room. Priced at £1,499.99.

The kit160 speakers are a step up from the kit140, featuring 11 drivers in each floor-standing column, and including front-firing Uni-Q arrays and lateral radiators for creating virtual rear and centre effects. Priced £1999.99

kit510 is a full 5.1 system based on KEF’s ultra-compact ‘egg’ speakers which feature 7.5cm Uni-Q drivers in cast aluminium enclosures. Priced at £1,299.99.


The kit520 has five slightly larger 'egg' speakers with 10cm Uni-Q arrays and dedicated EQ systems tailored to the specific system. Priced at £1,499.99.

Next up, the kit530 features 11.5 Uni-Q drivers in the five 'egg' speakers, and features Sealed Suspension Technology and a dedicated high performance centre channel. Priced at £1,699.99

The kit540 features five slender floor or wall-mounted speakers incorporating 7.5cm long-throw bass drivers with each Uni-Q array. Priced at £1,999.99

The kit550 features four midrange/bass drivers per speaker, plus KEF’s Acoustic Compliance Enhancement (ACE) technology to optimise bass extension. Priced at £2,499.99


These systems are all available now. Coming shortly is the kit570w, featuring all the performance of the kit530, and the kit580w, identical to the kit540, but both featuring wireless signal transmission to the rear speakers. Prices to be confirmed.


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