BDA: Blu-ray is driving force behind HDTV and PC sales

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BluraylogoEvery day it seems there's another statistic either showing Blu-ray to be a roaring success, or a damp squib.

You'd expect anything from the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) to be upbeat, though, and the latest statement is: Blu-ray discs are driving the sales of high definition TVs and PCs.

That seems like a rather skewed interpretation of the research by IMS, suggesting that consumers are buying PCs and TVs because of Blu-ray.

What seems closer to the truth is that manufacturers are adding Blu-ray drives to their PCs, which consumers are then buying, and in turn this is encouraging the purchase of Blu-ray discs.

Yes, consumers have to choose a high definition drive, and they're not ubiquitous like the humble DVD drive yet.

IMS suggests a 90% growth in adoption of non-broadcast HD (which would include discs but also Internet downloads) worldwide year-on-year until 2013, reaching 38m households. Blu-ray enabled PCs will grow 117% each year.

It's not clear exactly why the BDA would see this as spurring the purchase of high definition TVs, unless users with standard TVs buy HD-capable computers and then feel compelled to buy a high definition display to view content on.

It is likely that PCs will become ever more living-room friendly over the next five years, as the line between the multimedia PC, and dedicated home cinema / home audio consumer electronics continues to blur.

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