Vogel launches new AV equipment wall mounts


vogels-screen-mounts.jpgWall mounting gear probably ranks alongside memory cards in the excitement stakes, but again, it's important hardware for those wanting to set up a decent home cinema system.

Vogel has announced its latest wall mount systems - the 8000 Series Motion and Motion+.

The Motion+ system allows a flat screen to be turned up to 75 degrees on either side, allowing the best view, and can also be set perpendicular to the wall.

It has a built-in screen protection system that prevents the TV from bumping into the wall when turning.

The Motion system offers 45 degree side-to-side turning.

Both units are available in a range of sizes to hold TVs from 19 through to 65-inch screens.

Original features include a spirit level to facilitate installation, a Cable Inlay System (CIS) to hide unsightly cables within the mount's frame and a Smart Movement Mechanism to move even the biggest flat screen using just a finger tip.


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