Sky to install 15,000 LG 3D TVs in pubs this Spring


sky 3d pub.jpgLooks set to be a great summer for pub owners. Just think how many of us fancy having a few beers down the local and watching the World Cup? Looks like BskyB have acquired another arrow for the pub quiver, having snapped up 15,000 3D TVs from LG to be installed in drinking holes this Spring.

The idea is to drum up interest in Sky's first 3D TV channel, set for launch sometime around April.

"These partnerships will help consumers become more familiar with 3D TVs and that can only be a positive for the industry and innovation", said?Havis Kwon, executive vice president and head of the LG's LCD division.

Though there is plenty of buzz surrounding 3D TVs at the moment, analysts have predicted a slow start to 3D TV sales. Perhaps this latest wave of televisions has come a little too soon after the HD revolution, with consumers comfortable sticking with their 2D1080p HD sets instead.

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