Apple TV 2 in the works?


appletv.jpgApple are rumoured to be re-launching their Apple TV service. Though just last month Steve Jobs shrugged off the platform as just a "hobby" at a D8 conference interview, sources have now revealed that a fully-fledged re-vamp of the hardware could be in the pipeline.

According to Apple sources quizzed by the NY Times' blog, there is a whole team working on re-vamping Apple TV. Graphics and user interface specialists are in place, as well as a hardware team tasked with producing a new bit of kit for the software to run on.

The iOS based re-launch would also be more app-centric than its predecessor, with the likes of Hulu and Netflix potentially coming built-in.

Though Jobs is certainly keeping his cards held closely to his chest with this one, it's hardly a far fetched proposal. With Google TV just around the corner and the likes of Samsung throwing themselves head-first into the trend for web-connected TVs, you can almost guarantee that some sort of plans for a re-vamped competing device are in place.

We'll keep a close eye on this as any further developments are revealed.

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