DTR-HD500 Freeview HD recorder on the way from TVonics



TVonics are today launching their first Freeview HD recorder, the DTR-HD500.

With a 500GB hard-drive, the recorder squeezes in plenty of top-spec features at a reasonably affordable £279.99. These include:

Trailer bookings - record a programme during its trailer.
Recommendation - recommends programmes associated with pre-set recordings.
A twin tuner - to record two channels at the same time as watching a third.
Twin input HDMI ports - to plug in supporting HDMI devices.
Two USB ports - to plug in supporting USB devices.
1080p viewing quality
Accurate recording - automatically adjusts the recording time if a programme runs over.
Series record - record an entire series in one touch.
Parental control features - sort and hide channels and recordings.

The box also features a HDMI switch, meaning owners of port-strapped sets won't have to keep swapping leads around the back of their tellies.

A Dolby Surround Sound firmware update will also be available from the 20th October.

Grab the DTR-HD500 now from John Lewis, Comet, Sainsbury's, Tesco direct (online), Leekes, Audio T and Eurosat, as well as the TVonics online web store.

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