New Sony / Panasonic partnership could mean cheap OLED TVs by Q4 2013

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sony-panasonic.pngAs had long been rumoured, Sony and Panasonic have signed a new deal that will see the two companies enter into a manufacturing partnership to drive down the production costs of OLED panels.

Both Japanese companies have seen their TV profits slide over the past few years, and this new deal should see them both drive down costs of OLED production by employing printing-based OLED technologies suitable for the mass production of big, cheap(ish), high-resolution OLED panels and modules by 2013.

Which should hopefully mean that the lust-worthy OLED technology that looks set to be the future of the television market should reach us a fair bit cheaper than from the competition.

Despite the partnership, Sony and Panasonic will sell the fruits of the new deal under their own individual brand names, with the first sets potentially touching down by late 2013.

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