Sky to broadcast the Horse of the Year Show in 3D

Moving on from two footed football tackles, Sky 3D are looking to add some depth to the 4-legged escapades of this year's Horse of the Year Show. Covering the 8th and 9th of October at the event, Sky have lined...more

HD Home Audio

HOW TO: Set up a home cinema surround sound system

From sub-woofers and surround speakers to 3D sound, the latest home system can add another dimension to your viewing experience, creating the ultimate night-in. But it's not just about having the correct equipment; it's just as important to know...more


We DO love 3DTV, says Panasonic study

3DTV; it's a love/hate relationship for most of us. We love the idea of more immersive movies and exciting visuals, but we hate headaches, glasses and the premium price tag attatched to it. However, a recent study commisioned by Panasonic...more

IFA 2011

LG's LW980T Cinema 3D TV makes IFA 2011 debut

We haven't seen all of LG's IFA 2010 TV range hit stores yet, but they're already leading the way at this year's show in Berlin when it comes to TVs with the announcement of the LW980T Cinema 3D TV. Available...more

HDTV news

BBC readying Super Hi Vision public screens for 2012 Olympic games

Didn't manage to grab a seat at the 2012 Olympic Games after that ticket booking fiasco? No problem; the BBC are readying a handful of new massive public screens that offer 16x the picture clarity of high definition sets in...more


Bang & Olufsen launch BeoVision 7-55 3DTV with built-in Blu-ray

Have more money than you know what to do with and are looking for a TV straight out of an episode of The Jetsons? Then we've got just the telly - the Bang & Olufsen the BeoVision 7-55. Adding a...more


POLL: Are we all now interested in 3D TVs again?

Are we all in awe of 3D TV once more? That certainly seems to be the case according to new figures released by the Dixons retail group. Currys and PC World recording a whopping 500% growth in 3D TV...more


REVIEW: Griffin Beacon universal remote control

One device to rule them all? That's the idea behind the Griffin Beacon, a universal remote control kit that works in tandem with your iOS device to control all the gadgets in your house that use a remote control. But is the Beacon a shining light in a murky sea of universal remotes, or is your best bet to dig under the sofa for that dusty lost zapper? Read on to find out.more

Web Connected HD TV

Teletext Holidays app hits Samsung Smart TVs

The old style Teletext Holiday pages were a mean old thing. With the rain lashing down outside and you at your lowest ebb, Teletext Holidays was the perfect (and at the time, practically only) place to browse cheap holiday...more


LG's 3D TV's keep profits afloat in second quarter financial report

LG have revealed their second-quarter 2011 financial results. And while the Korean firm claim to be back on track after the recession hit profits, it seems that their home cinema products are taking a lot of the flak for faltering...more

HDTV news

Ridley Scott: "I'll never work without 3D again"

Director Ridley Scott, the brains behind the iconic Alien and Bladerunner flicks, has vowed only ever to work in 3D for his future movies. The 3D epiphany moment for Scott came while working on his latest project, the 3D Prometheus...more


Sony 3D Experience VOD app brings the 3rd dimension to Bravia sets

Samsung may have been first on the scene with a free 3D VOD TV app (Explore 3D), but Sony are hot on their heels with their own 3D Experience app for Bravia 3D TVs. Owners of Sony's connected 3D...more


3D panel manufacturers plan big production push

While 3D TV sales may still be a little sluggish, between 10 and 20% of all new televisions made by the end of this year will have a 3D-enabled panel installed, according to new figures from the five key panel...more

HD projectors

Acer launch USB powered C110 pico-projector

Pico-projectors are all well and good when it comes to the portable beaming of presentations and movies when on the go. The problem with many of them however is that an array of video and audio cables are needed...more


Onkyo BD-SP809 Blu-ray player revealed

£500 may be a lot to spend on a Blu-ray player in this age of sub-£100 decks, but Onkyo's latest BD-SP809 high-def disc spinner is crammed full of so many high-end features that you'll be looking under the sofa...more


Samsung's 3D video on demand service hits 1 million views milestone

Samsung's 3D video on demand portal has racked up a total of 1 million views in just 100 days, despite the relatively small amount of Samsung 3D TV owners. As part of the company's Smart TV connected platform, the app...more


Giles Deacon designer passive 3DTV specs with LG launched

LG have revealed a set of snazzy 3D specs from UK designer Giles Deacon. The "FILES for LG" glasses are an "ultra stylish" option for Cinema 3D owners, with colouful stripey frames surrounding the polarised lenses. "LG produce innovative...more

HD Home Audio

Wireless 5.1 home cinema thanks to RocketFish's RocketBoost range

If you ask people the one issue, other than finances, that hold most folks back from purchasing a 5.1 home cinema set, the answer you'll usually hear back is that the lengthy wiring needed for the rear speakers is unsightly...more

Web Connected HD TV

Samsung Smart TVs and the future of TV apps

Thanks to the popularity of Apple's App Store and the now-ubiquitous nature of apps on smartphones and tablet PCs, apps are weaving their way into every aspect of modern life. From doing your grocery shopping to finding a parking...more


Battery-powered Toshiba REGZA 19P2 HD TV revealed

Picture the scene; it's a glorious summer's day, birds are chirping in the trees, kids are playing in the parks and hot guys and gals are stripping down to shorts and bikinis everywhere. It's THE time to get outside. But,...more

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