A Beginner’s Guide To Follow Before Trying An E-Liquid

E-cigarettes have become quite a new sensation among young generations who like to indulge in vaping fun and consider it to be an alternative to conventional smoking. However, there are still a lot of misunderstandings associated around the consumption and use of eliquid.

In this article we would like to bring an end to all such misconceptions starting with the most basic question as:

What is an E-liquid?


  • In layman terms, it is simply a liquid that produces vapor under the effect of heating done via devices called e-cigarettes. E-liquids are known with varying names such as e-juice, nicotine liquid or simply a nic juice.
  • The consistency of an e-liquid and its flavor will vary significantly depending upon the product and brand you choose. Chain smokers go for thick e-liquids that can give a sensation of ‘throat hit’ when used with e-cigarettes leading to generation of greater vaping clouds.
  • You can find many well known brands in e-juice market today. Cut wood E-juice is a popular brand and very well known among smokers that offers an exquisite range of customized flavors like berry strawberry and vanilla milkshake.

It is Vaping not Smoking!

Vaping can give an illusion of smoking; however it is not in reality! This is perhaps the biggest reason that is contributing to the rapid success in selling of e-cigarrates.However; it is not a method to help you get rid of smoking as it has a fair amount of nicotine that can cause addiction from regular use.


Remember to keep your e-liquids at a cool dry place which is not under the direct exposure of sunlight. Also beware of the date of manufacture and expiry on the bottle to avoid buying a bottle that has already exceeded its date of expiration. Don’t get fooled into “old is gold” as it is not wine that will taste better with time.

Are e-liquids safe?

One of the most obvious questions hovering over your mind would be whether you could be sure of health safety while going for liquids or not! Well, this is something even the scientists have been trying to discover. Generally speaking, the use of E-cigarettes is considered less harmful in comparison to using a regular cigarette but intake of nicotine in vapour form does affect the health of lungs and can lead to frequent coughing, breathlessness and congestion when used frequently.

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