All You Need To Know About Minecraft Servers

In order to host an MC server, there are several tools which are provided to make it possible to host and manage it. In order for servers to run smoothly and efficiently, they have some requirements which must be met. There are several consideration to be made before any server is created. Think about whom you are creating the server for and how you want to host your server. There are several options to use when creating a server

Option 1


You can decide to host your server on your computer in the house. It is the cheapest option of hosting a server but can be expensive for the monthly data usage. You must forward your router in order for this to work. First check out and determine the type of router you are using, then check out the brand. This two will determine which step by step guide you are to use on port forwarding your router online. The port forwarding allows an outside connect to the router which will be determined by the type of port you choose. This type of hosting is good for beginners as files are very easy to go through and also the plugins are easy to configure.

Option 2


Option two of hosting is renting MC servers from a website. When your rent these servers, you will have an option of different tiers. If you decide to go for a low MC server that has a good connection and high up time you might part with between $3 and $7. This type of servers will give you a gigabyte to a gigabyte and a half of RAM.  If you decide to go for a mid range MC server, it will cost you around $25 and it will give you up to 4 gigabytes of RAM.

MC servers are tough to set but once you get one, you will enjoy the service.

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