Best It Jobs For Beginners

There is so much scope in the world due to the various fields giving rise to the ever growing IT Field. There is a lot of competition for IT Banen as every wants to get into one of the sectors that promise good pay and great growth. Sadly your college education is just not enough for you to land a job in your preferred sector and we are here to guide you to your dreams. There are a couple of fields that pay very well and are perfect for an entry-level employee. featured-10-best-it-jobs-1150x647


Web Developers and designers are very important jobs as they are in charge of construction and build of the company’s website. The job normally requires swift work from its employees and people who can work fast. Someone needs to be comfortable with algorithms to develop a website and with all the possible web languages available. The median pay is about $51,000.IT-jobs


The work of a data analyst can be trickier but it can be an interesting job for anyone who has great knowledge of the market. This position requires you to collect data on old trends and new trends through surveys, metrics and other methods and then analyzing and then presenting the data in a simplified form to your employer with the help of graphs and data sheets. You need to have basic knowledge in designing and in JavaScript or XML. The Median salary is about $53,000.


A Digital Analyst is a bit different from a data analyst as this position requires you to hold customer feedback surveys and other marketing surveys so that your company can know the effect of various approaches in the market. This is a high utility job with a median pay of $51,000. You need to basic knowledge in business, marketing and also in design.

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