How To Choose The Best Gaming Monitors?

For those online gamers who find hard time and difficulty in choosing for the best gaming monitors, you don’t have to worry since recently covered an optimum buying guide on this. The monitor is considered as one of the most expensive parts of a computer, so you should learn some basic information before going out and spending your money on a crappy monitor. It is a fact that LCD monitors have many advantages over the old style CRT monitors. They are compact, light, slim and won’t take up as much space on your desk. LCD screens are also easier on the eyes and use less power than the CRT authoritative source

Things to Consider when Choosing Gaming Monitors

  • Response Rate-The response rate of a gaming monitor is perhaps one of the most essential specifications you need to consider when buying. The response rate simply refers to how fast the gaming monitor updates its display. Gaming monitors with a slower response rate will suffer what is known as ghosting. It is highly recommended to buy a gaming monitor with a response rate of 8ms or lower. The best monitors on the market offer an excellent response rate such as 4ms or 2ms. With a gaming monitor like this, you would completely avoid the ghosting effect authoritative source
  • Size- It is also recommended to buy the biggest monitor that you can afford. With a larger screen, you will enjoy a more surreal gaming experience. Playing a high-end 3D game on a 22” LCD monitor is a totally different experience than playing on a 17” screen. Sizes for gaming monitors range from 15 inches all the way up to 22 inches and above.

Consider these important considerations and you can be sure that you will have an enjoyable gaming experience.

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