Now store your ethereum in the advanced ethereum wallets

Wallets serve like your bank account where you can store and carry out transactions using stored ethereum or receive ethereum from other users. You can enjoy a quick and safe transactions through some of the popular ethereum wallets. It is indeed very difficult to choose a best ethereum wallet; you can choose one from the list of best wallets that is safe, easy and quick.

Mist is basically a browser that can be used like a usual ethereum wallet. It is capable of performing all the basic functions of a wallet including storing and exchanging or interacting ethereum with smart contracts. It is developed by Ethereum Foundation to promote and facilitate easy usage of ethereum. screen-shot-2015-09-16-at-11-05-41-1024x714

However, Mist is still working on creating a fully functional decentralized app and right now it is in its beta testing phase. The user would also require basic level coding to be able to utilize all the features of Mist. It can be easily downloaded from official websites of  Ethereum or from GitHub.

Still, Mist is a one of the best ethereum wallet and allows simple means for storing ethereum. It also comes with ShapeShift which is integrated with the wallet. It works as a quick means for interchanging BTC with ETH and vice versa.

It is important to note that there is a slight difference between Mist Account and Mist Wallet, although both of them can be used to stored ethereum. An account offers a standard method that can be used to store public and private keys. On the other hand, a Mint Wallet offers smart contract connected and controlled by several accounts.   40newsplashearlylabel

Mist wallet has some limitations such as it does not have a mobile-version. Moreover, new users might find its interface a bit confusing and complicated.

MyEtherWallet is another excellent option as an ethereum wallet. The greatest advantage of MyEtherWallet is that it does not require downloading any software or block chains.It is a simple wallet that uses JavaScript for launching and running itself. Experts believe that it would be wrong to regard it as an online wallet because it makes use of a browser to generate data instead of the wallet’s server. Moreover, it also facilitates storage of DAO and DigixDAO (DGD) tokens. It can be installed as a Chrome extension.

EthereumWallet is another excellent wallet for storing ethereum developed by Kryptokit, a Canada based unit. It works just like MyEtherWallet that collects client’s information using JavaScript. It may not be the best ethereum wallet but certainly one of the most popular wallets among early ethereum users. Unfortunately, it could go beyond beta version and thus it is only suitable for smaller transactions.

Jaxx is among the new generation and the latest ethereum wallets that started off as a dedicated bitcoin wallet but later extended its features to work as a ethereum wallet. It actually works like a multicurrency wallet. It is an extremely user friendly wallet with simple user interface.

There are some more wallets that are competing for the list of best ethereum wallets such as Geth, EthAddress etc.

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