Selecting Your Most Suitable Tennis Shoes

Tennis, as you may have learnt by now is a game of quick starts and stops. It also entails short sprints and recurrent sidelong movements. For a chance to make it to the next game, the footwear should be robust and sturdy. Therefore, when selecting the next pair of tennis shoes, you should put in mind your playing style, the surface of the court as well as your individual preferences.


Styles of Tennis shoes

Tennis shoes have a slight difference in design from other sports shoes. Mostly, they are designed to easily accommodate the frequent starts and stops around the court. You will find that most tennis shoes are more flat and have specific patterns on the sole. These patterns depend on the type of court surface.


  • Playing Style

Everyone has an individual playing style in tennis. The different types of playing styles include:

  • Baseline Player

The player that plays at the back line of the court and need shoes with a good lateral support. The shoes should also have durable sole because of the constant motion.1460654273126787756

  • Serve and Volley Player

A player that charges the net frequently often slides the back foot along the court when serving. A shoe with durable toecap and a medial inside the arch is the perfect choice for such a player.

  • Court Surface Type

Players who play on a hard court (concrete) need durable shoes. These shoes should have a resilient outsole made from vinyl or leather. On the other hand players who play on soft courts (clay) need shoes that have more traction. There are also shoes for multi-courts whereby they can be used both on soft and hard courts without any problems. Players who want to be trendy and stylish can try out playing tenis con led tennis shoes.


Choosing the best tennis shoes requires some knowledge on the type of player you are, the type of court you play in and other personal preferences like style.

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