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A little background check in case the VoIP is not all that familiar to you. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is actually a methodology made up of a group of technologies aimed at delivering voice communications as well as multimedia sessions over the IP or Internet Protocol network very much like the internet. If you own a business, have a handful of branches scattered at long distances and you’re thinking of installing a VoIP then we’re going to recommend one the top VoIP providers out there.

RingCentral Office

Tons of business communications have undergone major transitions from using on-premise PBX hardware to a cloud-based VoIP (voice over IP) service. When using the RingCentral’s IP-based PBX service, the monitor or administrator only has to register an account. Afterwards, the account is configured alongside the features that they want in the Web portal.


In terms of pricing, RingCentral offers numerous pricings namely Standard, Premium and Enterprise; take note that the cost per user will depend on the total number of users. Businesses that have about 2 to 19 users would be charged by RingCentral Standard with $27.99 every month for each user; services would include calls to the U.S and Canada. On the other hand, businesses with over 100 users receive a discount and will only be charged $22.9 per month.

Getting Started

Applying for the services of RingCentral can be rather quick; the phone number can be instantly received through email. Businesses can also transfer a phone number they’re already using, request toll-free numbers and even request for a vanity number. Overall, the interface is finely constructed and is fairly responsive, but some of our first-time administrators it can be might find it a little tricky; but nothing should be that difficult with practice.

Basically, the infrastructure of RingCentral can support a long list of IP phones, but some businesses just purchase the preconfigured phones from the same company. A small tip, businesses who are thinking of switching from their on-premise VoIP system to those that are offered by RingCentral should opt to stick with their current phones.


What thing that RingCentral apart is the sheer amount of features that the company added in the service. Some of the features are the call auto-attendant, message alerts, company directory, presence information, hold music and directory trees, call forwarding to mobile phones, group calls, call escalation, call queues and fax service.

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