What To Look For In A Shaver

Different types of shavers in the market make it a difficult task when choosing the ideal one. However, with the right information and details on what to look for in a shaver, you are better equipped to find one that will serve you well without costing an arm and a leg.

  • Power source

The three major power options for shavers include:

  • Mains
  • Battery
  • Rechargeable


Depending on whether you are using the shaver at home, or outdoors where there’s no power source, you’ll have to decide just which the best one for you is. The good thing is that most of the modern shavers are rechargeable hence they can be used just about anywhere. There are also those that are multi functional in that they can be used as cordless and from the mains as well. Therefore, if you run out of charge, you can easily continue shaving using the mains without a problem. Battery shavers are normally avoided because you end up spending a fortune on battery replacements.

  • Shaving Conditions

The two shaving conditions are:

  • Dry shaving
  • Wet shaving

The perfect electric shaver should be as versatile as possible. It should be able to shave on both dry and wet conditions. However, if you cannot get your hands on one, the next best option would be the dry shaving one. This means that you can shave from just about anywhere without need for water. Dry shavers are perfect for emergencies hence you can carry them everywhere you go.


  • Skin Type

If your skin is sensitive, you need to know the type of shavers that will cause less harm. Foil shavers are mostly recommended for problematic sensitive skin as compared to rotary shavers. braun rasierer is the types of shaver you are looking for if you have sensitive skin.


Shaving is something we all have to do; it really boils down to your personal preferences as well as individual choice. However, when choosing the ideal shaver, just make sure that you get one that will give you a comfortable shave and one that you can enjoy using for years to come.

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